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The P’ville Composters -

Recyclers of Green in the Community Scene


Project Description:


The Challenge is to create compost materials of a usable grade by processing grass cuttings obtained from the CEPEP program that operates in the community on a weekly basis. It also involves demonstrating and convincing residents of the community and school that this recycled compost material is an environmental friendly alternative and well suited for kitchen garden and other agricultural uses. It would be more cost effective when compared to commercially available compost that retails for $35.00 to $90.00 per bag from the local agro shops.
It involves liaising with the local authorities of CEPEP to get grass cuttings delivered to the school for processing. The STEM of the project would be the Science involved in setting up and managing the compost heap and in an analysis of the type and nutrient content of the compost, while the Technology would incorporate research via the web in the decomposition process, maintaining and enhancing the nutrient content of the final product. The Engineering entails development of an efficient and cost effective bagging and weighting machinery, and the Mathematics involved is the business economics of the project, and measurements involved in the calculations of weights, volumes, and amounts required for effective use.
It demonstrates sustainability by converting a readily available renewable resource that is normally discarded, into a valuable end product that can easily be developed into a cottage industry. This will cut down on the need to import peat moss and save valuable scarce foreign exchange by providing a viable local alternative.